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The Morality of the More Powerful

My own sense of morality has always been from the perspective of the more powerful. This is not because I am the most powerful person in the world; far from it. Indeed, I am always sensitive to the actions (and frequent immorality) of those more powerful than I. But that does not change my perspective.

As a result of my birth, and as a result of my upbringing, I have tremendous advantages over most people in the world. It's not just privilege, though it is certainly partially that. I have been gifted with significant intelligence and wisdom.

I have a personal and moral compass that guides me not merely to do well but also to do good in the world. This compass is important to me, and I have shared it in the past. Let me pause for a few moments and explore what it is and what it means.

I want and visualize and aspire toward a system of society and learning where each person is able to rise to his or her fullest potential...

I can't think of anything more fundamental. It combin…

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